Busser/Runner for Founders (AM) @ UnionLeague


Job Title:        Full-Time Busser/Runner for Founders Restaurant

Department:   Food & Beverage

Reports to:     Founders Manager

Hours:           Monday through Friday mornings 6:00am -3:30pm, open                                     availability preferred (hours subject to change)


Job Summary:

Responsible for gathering and delivering the food to the dining room. Performs all duties of a busser, expediter, and runner



Obtain service area assignment from the Manager at the beginning of each shift

Stock plates, soup cups, and bowls in dining room and at chef stations

Set up appetizer station with plenty of doilies, large and small, for App. and dessert lay-plates

Restock the pantry, refrigerator and room service cabinet

Unlock and take inventory of room service cabinet

Promptly greet guests as they are seated and bring bread, butter and water to table

Remove used tableware between courses and provide tableware for next course

Act as the liaison between servers and chefs (keep them posted on timing, shortage of food items, etc.)


Responsibilities: Service

Learn the table numbers and seat positions for Café

Check accuracy of the food items prior to taking a tray into the restaurant

Receive all salads, seafood, and appetizers from the cold side cook

Manage and organize dupes from expediter prep printer

Anticipate each order and remain focused

Set up/break down buffet accordingly when needed

At the end of the service, help reset and clean the dining room

Check with the manager before the end of your shift


Physical Requirements

Must be able to lift 25+ lbs. and stand for long durations of time

Need to be able to constantly go up and down stairs throughout the day

Bending and lifting required


Note: The above tasks and any additional duties shall be completed to the satisfaction of the Dining Room Manager


See job description


This job is open at the following location:

Union League- 140 South Broad Street - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102